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St Kilda parts methods with coach Alan Richardson

St Kilda parts methods with coach Alan Richardson


July 16, 2019 11: 30:04

Coach Alan Richardson has parted ways with St Kilda after five-and-a-half mostly unsuccessful years at the helm of the AFL club.

The club will hold a media conference at 12: 30 pm, after Richardson has actually met the playing group.

The Saints are in 15 th area on the AFL ladder, having won simply six matches so far this season.

Richardson has coached the Saints considering that 2014, but has never ever made the finals in any of his nearly six seasons at the helm.

The Saints won 12 video games in Richardson’s 3rd season in charge when they ended up in ninth area, supporting with 11 wins the following season, leading to an 11 th-placed finish.

Nevertheless, the Saints have just won a total of 10 video games because, regressing back towards the bottom of the table.

In Richardson’s 126 matches in charge– second most of any St Kilda coach– the Saints have actually won just 43 video games.

Richardson, 54, who was out of agreement at the end of the season, is the 3rd AFL coach to leave his post in 2019, after North Melbourne parted ways with Brad Scott and Brendon Bolton was sacked by Carlton.

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July 16, 2019 11: 09:58

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What would another Brexit extension indicate?

What would another Brexit extension indicate?

Ursula von der Leyen, Strasbourg leaders’ next choice to be European Union commission president, has stated she would be open to a Brexit extension beyond 31 October, the existing deadline.

What does this mean? For a start, it’s not up to her– the 27 remaining EU leaders get to choose at a top earlier that month. Her view does count for something, though she will not be in her post till 1 November. If she was versus an extension, it would make life rather challenging were leaders to authorize one.

Von der Leyen has also duplicated the EU’s position on the withdrawal agreement: that it’s the only possible offer. This is more emphatic than what she said last week, which was merely that he backstop was essential.

We’ll inform you what holds true. You can form your own view.

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The main takeaway from all this is that there is full connection between the old EU administration and the new one. Any hopes in Westminster that a handover would be used to change positions on the Brussels side appearance to be unproven.

Von der Leyen also stood by the EU’s deal to make changes to the ” future relationship political statement”. This is a non-binding file that will spell out whether the UK will be in a customizeds union or single market. So a soft Brexit can still be negotiated– if the UK government desires one.

However the backstop, which is in the withdrawal contract, is not going anywhere. It’s worth asking what the point of an extension would be (and numerous EU leaders will ask) if there are no talks. The Article 50 period is indicated for negotiating the terms of withdrawal.

One idea to this is what Irish prime minister Leo Varadkar stated at the last EU top: he cautioned that leaders had actually run out of perseverance and would not grant an extension for anything aside from to provide time for a 2nd referendum or a basic election. This would definitely make good sense as a method of attempting to unblock the logjam.

Created with Sketch.

Created with Sketch.

But then again, EU leaders have actually said this in the past– prior to they extended the deadline last time. In the end, they didn’t attach any conditions. Even the plea from Donald Tusk, president of the European Council, not to waste the time seems to have been roundly overlooked.

Obviously, back in the UK the implications of an extension might be significant. Boris Johnson has made extremely clear he is devoted to leaving on 31 October, and refraining from doing so would likely blow much of his credibility with Leavers. Whether he will proceed without any offer or not is an open concern.

The current news on Brexit, politics and beyond direct to your inbox

The latest news on Brexit, politics and beyond direct to your inbox

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Netflix to Release Revenues: What to Watch for

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O que é isso da arte participativa? “Temos de compreendê-la nos seus próprios termos”

O que é isso da arte participativa? “Temos de compreendê-la nos seus próprios termos”

François Matarasso participava numa peça de teatro em Londres quando o incumbiram de imprimir os cartazes do espectáculo. Indicaram-lhe “uma gráfica comunitária”, onde as pessoas desenhavam e imprimiam à mão os seus próprios trabalhos (em serigrafia). “Foi aí que descobri o sentido da arte comunitária”, explica ao PÚBLICO. Acabou por conseguir um lugar de aprendiz nessa gráfica, com o apoio financeiro da Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian. Seguiu-se uma carreira de quatro décadas à volta de projectos de arte comunitária e participativa em inúmeros países, de Portugal a Marrocos. Voltou a cruzar-se com a Gulbenkian quando esteve em Lisboa para a edição em português do seu livro, Uma Arte Irrequieta — Reflexões sobre o Triunfo e a Importância da Prática Participativa

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La venganza contra Burger King es un plato que se sirve en forma de pene (gigante)

La venganza contra Burger King es un plato que se sirve en forma de pene (gigante)

Enfadadísimo con Hamburger King por haber utilizado su trabajo sin su consentimiento, el director de arte Pablo Rochat se vengó de la marca estadounidense con un pene gigante en Instagram.

burger king En web la lucha en defensa de los (pisoteadísimos) derechos de autor es prácticamente una batalla perdida Aunque boy muchos los que se parten la cara en la red de redes para proteger adecuadamente el ” copyright”, sus esfuerzos boy a menudo completamente fútiles.

Sin embargo, dar voz a la violación de los derechos de autor no siempre cae en saco roto. Que se lo digan, si no, al director de arte estadounidense Pablo Rochat, que se ha sacado de la chistera una manera absolutamente legendaria de vengarse contra Hamburger King.

Aunque Rochat, uno de los profesionales más solicitados en la industria creativa al otro lado del charco, colabora habitualmente con marcas (Apple, Nike o Facebook) que le remuneran adecuadamente por su trabajo, hay una que se ha atrevido a robárselo sin su consentimiento.

Quien ha cometido semejante tropelía es Burger King, que tuvo la desfachatez de utilizar imágenes alumbradas por Rochat en su perfil en Instagram sin tomarse la molestia de solicitar la autorización pertinente a su autor.

Aunque Rochat está en su perfecto derecho de tomar medidas legales contra la célebre cadena de comida rápida, lo cierto es que ha optado por una variante mucho más arcaica (y probablemente también más satisfactoria): la venganza.

Rocha subió seis fotografías a Instagram, etiquetó en ellas a Burger King, y resulta que juntas las imágenes de marras retrataban inequívocamente a un pene.

De repente la sección ” Tagged Photos” del perfil de Hamburger King en Instagram se transformó en un gigantesco miembro virial sobre un fondo naranja. “Do not fuck with me”, escribe el bueno de Rochat a Burger King en su perfil en Instagram. Seguro que la multinacional estadounidense se lo pensará dos veces en el futuro antes de cometer desmanes en nombre del “copyright”.

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Llega CULTUMAD, el ciclo cultural de la Estación de Principe Pío, del 1 al 6 de julio

Llega CULTUMAD, el ciclo cultural de la Estación de Principe Pío, del 1 al 6 de julio

CULTUMAD 2019 acogerá en un solo espacio distintas disciplinas artísticas: arte, literatura, pintura, música y gastronomía.

PRÓXIMA ESTACION, la antigua estación de autobuses de LA SEPULVEDANA de Madrid Río Príncipe Pío, completamente reformada y rehabilitada para la organización de eventos culturales y corporativos organiza CULTUMAD, un ciclo cultural del 01 al 06 de julio, abierto al público.

CULTUMAD 2019 acogerá en un solo espacio distintas disciplinas artísticas: arte, literatura, pintura, música y gastronomía.

www.proximaestacion.es www.CultuMad.com

El eje central de este encuentro, SPAM Job Anthology, es una exposición que invita al visitante a participar en una experiencia emocional e intelectual sobre la búsqueda de la identidad y el cuestionamiento de la verdad. Combinando los textos de La vigilancia de los acantos de Javier Pérez Escohatado y las imágenes pictóricas de Miquel Pescador, Spam Project Anthology pretende ofrecer una respuesta creativa a la insoportable tiranía de los spams o correos no deseados, creando personajes imaginarios y presentando los mecanismos literarios y plásticos necesarios para la construcción de su personalidad e identidad. Spam Job Anthology se materializa con la exposición de 21 imágenes pictóricas de personajes ficticios de 45 cm x 2 metros, acompañadas de sus biografías imaginarias La exposición contará con apoyo audiovisual y sonoro, y con la presencia de los autores para que la experiencia del visitante sea única. Finalmente, los autores organizarán visitas guiadas y talleres de creación literaria y gráfica sobre la identidad y los límites de la realidad.

Mas información sobre la exposition y autores: www.miquelpescador.net

Laura Torrado presentará durante toda la semana ” Identidades y Ficción”, una Proyección Audiovisual que reúne una selección de obras realizadas a lo

largo de su trayectoria profesional como video-artista, que cuestionan la identidad desde los territorios de la ficción. Además en la inauguración, presentará al publico por primera vez la Performance “Los Orantes”, una producción que profundiza en los diferentes estados anímicos y deseos del Yo.

Mas información sobre la autora y sus trabajos: www.lauratorrado.net

CultuMad 2019, recibirá a lo largo de la semana, un elenco de artistas de distintos enfoques musicales, que ofrecerán conciertos de música en directo con entradas los días 2, 3, 4 y 5 de julio a partir de las 21 h00, en la misma zona y junto al material gráfico de la exposición, creando un ambiente mágico e inusual. El último día 6 de julio, los conciertos serán de acceso libre al público y comenzaran a las 17 h00

Durante toda la exposición y conciertos, servicio de bar y propuesta gourmet en el espacio.

Nota de prensa

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Een op de vier aangevochten milieuboetes terugbetaald

Een op de vier aangevochten milieuboetes terugbetaald

Milieuzones te ‘ingewikkeld’

2 uur geleden
Aangepast: 1 uur 45 minuten geleden

Beeld © ANP.

De handhaving van de regels rond milieuzones is zo onduidelijk dat een kwart van de boetes waartegen bezwaar wordt gemaakt direct wordt kwijtgescholden door de verkeersofficier van justitie.

Nadat een bezwaar is afgewezen, geeft de kantonrechter 15 procent van de klagers alsnog gelijk. Dat blijkt uit gegevens van het Bureau Verkeershandhaving Openbaar Ministerie (BVOM), schrijft De Telegraaf

Ter vergelijking, volgens het Openbaar Ministerie krijgt bij verkeersboetes slechts 11 procent van alle bezwaarmakers gelijk.


Omdat er verschillende regels gelden tussen de gemeenten satisfied milieuzones weten veel eigenaren van oude automobile’s niet waar ze aan toe zijn. Jurist Nick Voorbach van verkeersboete.nl noemt het handhavingssysteem rond milieuzones ‘ingewikkeld’.

” De damp- en regelgeving moet duidelijk zijn voor iedereen, met landelijk dezelfde regels. En er moet een duidelijke bebording zijn”, zegt de ANWB.

Steeds meer steden

Milieuzones gelden al in de steden Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht en Arnhem. Maar ook Den Haag, Leiden, Maastricht en Nijmegen zijn bezig fulfilled plannen voor milieuzones.

Je mag satisfied je automobile, brommer of scooter alleen een milieuzone inrijden als deze weinig luchtvervuiling oplevert. Met een vervuilend voertuig kun je een stevige boete krijgen.

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China second-quarter GDP development set to slow to 6.2%, 27-year low, as trade war bites

China second-quarter GDP development set to slow to 6.2%, 27-year low, as trade war bites

BEIJING (Reuters) – China is anticipated to report on Monday that economic growth slowed to its weakest rate in a minimum of 27 years in the 2nd quarter, reinforcing the case for more stimulus as a bruising trade war with the United States drags out.

FILE IMAGE: Employees are seen at a production line production tyres at a factory in Nantong, Jiangsu province, China April 28,2019 REUTERS/Stringer/File Picture

Policymakers are most likely to ratchet up assistance steps to prevent mass job losses that could position a hazard to social stability, however analysts state the room for aggressive stimulus is limited by worries of including to already high debt levels and structural dangers.

” The gloom hanging over China’s economy is not likely to go away quickly due to difficulties on both domestic and external fronts,” analysts at ANZ stated in a note.

Analysts polled by Reuters expect China to report gdp (GDP) grew 6.2%in the April-June quarter from a year previously, the slowest speed because the very first quarter of 1992, the earliest quarterly data on record.

That would mark an additional loss of momentum from the previous quarter’s 6.4%, which could bring the full-year economic growth to a near 30- year low of 6.2%.

The federal government has actually been leaning more on financial stimulus to underpin growth this year, announcing enormous tax cuts worth nearly 2 trillion yuan ($291 billion) and a quota of 2.15 trillion yuan for unique bond issuance by regional governments aim at improving infrastructure building.

However the economy has been sluggish to respond, and organisation self-confidence stays unsteady, weighing on investment. Investors fear a longer and costlier trade war in between the world’s two biggest economies could set off an international economic downturn.

The federal government will publish the second-quarter GDP data on Monday (0200 GMT), together with activity information for June which might indicate continued weak point.

Data on Friday revealed exports fell in June after the U.S. dramatically hiked tariffs on Chinese products, while imports shrank more than anticipated, highlighting sluggish domestic demand. Bank lending and credit data were mainly strong, however.

A current authorities factory gauge for June showed Chinese makers were shedding tasks at the fastest speed given that the international financial crisis a years earlier.


Premier Li Keqiang said this month that China will make

prompt use of cuts in banks’ reserve requirement ratio (RRR) and other financing tools to support smaller sized firms, while duplicating a vow not to utilize “flood-like” stimulus.

Financiers are excitedly waiting to see whether the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) will follow the U.S. Federal Reserve in easing policy.

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell indicated again on Thursday that a rate of interest cut from the U.S. reserve bank is likely at its next conference later this month as businesses downsize investments due to trade disagreements and an international growth downturn.

The majority of analysts believe the PBOC is probably to reduce its freshly established market-based interest rates, or continue to cut the RRR, especially for little banks, if it decides to follow the Fed.

Economists in the most current Reuters poll anticipated 2 more RRR cuts of 50 basis points each in this quarter and the fourth

quarter, however did not anticipate the PBOC to cut its benchmark lending rate, as it did in previous downturns.

ANZ expects the main bank to cut the 7-day reverse repo rate by 5 basis points (bps), and cut the RRR by another 100 bps over the rest of the year.

The PBOC has actually slashed the quantity of cash banks must keep in reserve six times given that early 2018 to stimulate credit development. It has actually likewise quietly guided short-term rates lower.

China does not require “huge” stimulus unless the trade war worsens, a reserve bank consultant stated early this month.

FILE PHOTO: A tree is imagined in front of buildings in Beijing’s central organisation area, China January 18,2019 REUTERS/Jason Lee

Leaders of the United States and China agreed in late June to try to get trade talks back on track after settlements broke down in May, and Washington said it would hold back on additional tariffs.

However existing levies imposed by both sides stay in place, weighing on profits and supply chains, and the two sides remain at odds over considerable issues needed for an agreement.

GRAPHIC – China’s economic patterns: tmsnrt.rs/ 2iO9Q6a

Reporting by Kevin Yao; Editing by Kim Coghill

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Tony Romo Wins 2019 American Century Championship; Stephen Curry Completes 7th

Tony Romo Wins 2019 American Century Championship; Stephen Curry Completes 7th

STATELINE, NEVADA - JULY 14: Tony Romo tees off on hole 7 of the final round of the American Century Championship at Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course on July 14, 2019 in Stateline, Nevada. (Photo by Jonathan Devich/Getty Images)

Jonathan Devich/Getty Images

Previous Dallas Cowboys quarterback and existing NFL on CBS color analyst Tony Romo won his second straight American Century Champion celeb golf competition in Stateline, Nevada, on Sunday.

NBC Sports @NBCSports


@tonyromo wins the 30 th @ACChampionship! https://t.co/cvPQt1XdFD

Romo, an amateur golfer who received a sponsor exemption to play in the Corales Puntacana Resort and Club Champion the last two years, quickly held off a field led by previous MLB pitcher Mark Mulder in a customized Stableford scoring system:

Golf Channel @GolfChannel

He’s become the guy to beat in Tahoe! @TonyRomo just went back-to-back at the @ACChampionship! #ACCgolf https://t.co/Pg02 m28 cPx

The ex-Cowboy has actually shown to be as good at celebrity golf as he is at anticipating plays throughout live NFL broadcasts, and that revealed en path to his wire-to-wire win.

In Other Places, Golden State Warriors point guard and two-time NBA MVP Stephen Curry ended up seventh, but that paled in comparison to a personal success over his father, former NBA shooting guard Dell Curry:

Warriors on NBCS @NBCSWarriors

A bet’s a bet. @StephenCurry30 dominates Dell https://t.co/ob1OJc78 r8

No word on the senior Curry’s karaoke option yet, although the last time a Curry was included in a musical number ended up being a struck with millions of views:


Warriors played a remix of Fergie’s nationwide anthem in the locker space.

( via @StephenCurry30) https://t.co/ATCWbMSs9G

The two played along with future Hall of Fame shooting guard Ray Allen:

LetsGoWarriors @LetsGoWarriors

No. 5 was a treasure trove for all three. Currently Ray 38, Steph 36, Dell 32 #accgolf #LetsGoWarriorsLive https://t.co/GcmmpMq7Ox

Curry likewise played some basketball on the golf course and probably triggered serious panic amongst Warriors fans when he rose for this dunk:

Golf Channel @GolfChannel

This is what the fans came to see at the 17 th tee! @StephenCurry30 with the dunk #ACCgolf https://t.co/IzpFmPibK8

Thankfully, Curry finished the slam unharmed.

Otherwise, Basketball Hall of Famer, Inside the NBA analyst and hero of weekend golf warriors all over Charles Barkley couldn’t wait to get his round began:

Golf Channel @GolfChannel

Teeing off prior to they finish your intro? Now THAT is ready golf from Charles Barkley #ACCgolf https://t.co/M2VBMEiY9c

Barkley is the owner of a distinct swing, and the oddsmakers didn’t prefer his chances going into the competition. Per TSN’s John McMullen, he had huge 7500 -1 odds to win everything. Though he struggled, Barkley prevented a last-place finish

John McMullen @JFMcMullen

Pederson and Nagy are both listed st 100/ 1 at the American Century Championship. Payton at 2000/ 1 after a bad revealing in 2015. Poor Charles Barkley is 7500/ 1. Tony Romo is the preferred at 5/2. #Eagles #NFL

On the other end of the scoreboard, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers delighted in a great top-25 finish thanks in part to this laser on the par-three 12 th:

NBC Sports @NBCSports

Golf enthusiast by day, quarterback by night.

@AaronRodgers12 came oh so near a victory! https://t.co/gSikS8iNLP

Next year’s tournament at Edgewood Tahoe South will happen July 7-12

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