Some tech we’ll miss out on. To others, we state good riddance.

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Even in a year like 2020, something didn’t alter in the tech world: Certain gadgets, innovations, and services shut down. The causes differ, as does the level of remorse. Some things we’ll miss; some things we never ever cared about; and others, we’re grateful to show the door. This year, we’re dividing the left by just how much we think most people will actually care. Check out our list listed below and wave farewell or excellent riddance to:

Tech we’ll really miss


farmville1 mainbannerimage min Zynga

Few Flash video games striking end of life deserve their own entry, but couple of games have actually ever seized the public creativity like Zynga’s FarmVille The business announced that since December 31, 2020, FarmVille would wander off into the sunset with the remainder of the Flash-based world.

FarmVille existed on Facebook, and for a few years the social media felt more like a lorry for the video game than anything else. Between June and October, 2009, 62 million people signed up to play the video game, as reported by The New York Times At the time that was close to one-fifth of Facebook’s global user base FarmVille was substantial, not to point out addictive. It had everything: critics, a Woman Gaga tie-in, company scandals, and one particularly horrific story

With FarmVille you constructed a farm by growing virtual crops and livestock. You had flexibility to design your farm as you desired. The more work you put in, the larger and better your farm grew. You could accelerate progress with in-game purchases.

The addictive part was that FarmVille occurred in real time, despite whether you were tending to your homestead. That caused many notifications throughout the course of the day that your crops were ready to harvest. A FarmViller delayed at their hazard, as they risked destroying all their effort.

It was a gaming obsession that we truly have not seen because. For anyone who misses out on the digital house on the range, there’s always FarmVille 3

Google Play Music

googleplaymusic Google

Nearly a decade earlier cloud-based music lockers were the big fad from companies like Amazon, Apple, and Google. When the dust settles there can be just one (or 2, or three). Google chose that 2020 was as great a time as any to stop duplicating its music efforts (because it’s so busy churning out new messaging apps), and made December 2020 the final death date for Google Play Music

It was a months-long death for the service as Google motivated its users to move to the new hotness: YouTube Music In August, Google blocked brand-new uploads and downloads through its Music Manager app, and the music store was closed. In September, streaming music from the cloud started shutting down around the world, and by the end of December all individual music collections were erased.

The service replacing it, YouTube Music, is free to utilize and offers a superior subscription to get ad-free music and to download music for offline listening.

Nintendo 3DS

After 9.5 years and 76 million system sales, Nintendo lastly bid farewell to Nintendo 3DS in2020 The 3DS portable video gaming gadget was a discovery when it initially came out in 2011, since it offered a glasses-free 3D experience back when the world lost its mind and thought 3D was awesome.

nintendo3ds Evan Amos

We evaluated the 3DS at that time, and said it “might be less a video gaming portable than a totable multimedia center, only one of whose activities occurs to be video gaming.”

The 3DS was for games, of course, but it likewise let you get in touch with good friends, take pictures, stream videos from a range of services, record audio, search the web, and more. It was a gadget that continued to hold the fascination of millions for nearly a decade, but its time finally can be found in September when Nintendo said it would no longer manufacture the 3DS household of systems, as reported by the BBC


The writing was on the wall in June, 2015, when Microsoft got the business behind Wunderlist, the popular to-do list app. Wunderlist has actually been up for deactivation because 2017 as part of Microsoft’s plans with its own To Do app It took a while to examine this item off the list, however the company finally stopped supporting Wunderlist in May.

You’re still here?


attlogo AT&T

Farewell, DSL. America’s biggest Internet service provider is quiting on telephone lines for broadband connections.

When digital customer line (DSL) first came out it was a discovery. Rather of terribly sluggish dial-up connections, we could utilize telephone lines to get always-on, high-speed broadband Web.

It wasn’t long, nevertheless, until we had even much faster cable television connections. Now the new objective is to get blazing-fast fiber connections.

DSL has actually been sitting on the chopping block for a while now, but it wasn’t till 2020 that AT&T took action. In October, the business said it would stop selling new DSL connections. “We’re starting to phase out outdated services like DSL and brand-new orders for the service will no longer be supported after October 1,” the company stated. Existing subscribers can still utilize their DSL, but brand-new users won’t be able to get the service. The modification is hardest for individuals in backwoods where AT&T DSL is the only choice, as U.S.A. Today reported

Chrome apps

chrome.max 28srcsrcx28srcsrc Google

In January Google revealed it would be putting an end to Chrome apps Not extensions, mind you, just those standalone web apps that operate in their own windows like a desktop app, rather than in a browser tab.

This is the second time we have actually heard the death knell ringing for Chrome apps. Google announced way back in 2016 that it would quit on Chrome apps by 2018

That never took place, but this time it seems the real deal. Google stopped accepting new public Chrome apps to the Chrome Web Store in March. By June, 2021, Chrome App support on Windows, Mac, and Linux will end. Chrome OS will keep running Chrome Apps till June,2022

Google said it’s giving up on Chrome Apps due to “substantial development of the contemporary Web and its ability to deliver very first class user experiences for users.” Chrome Apps make less sense when Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) provide a comparable experience that isn’t necessarily tied to Chrome. Plus with Android and Linux apps operating on more recent Chrome OS boxes, Google’s browser apps are no longer required.

Facebook’s Windows 10 App

” Facebook had an app in the Windows Shop?” Yes, it did, and no, it never made much sense. When the app came out in 2016 it was meant to target not just PCs but tablets and Windows phones (remember those?).

facebookwin1src 1srcsrc658376 large Facebook

The debut version of Facebook for Windows 10.

Adobe Flash Gamer

flash player 11 icon rgb Adobe

In the 90 s, Adobe Flash wasn’t just an element you used on the web; it quite much was the web. Internet browser makers likewise started to restrict Flash, and ultimately obstructed it entirely/ Microsoft( CC0)

Windows 7 was a welcome follow-up to Windows Vista, in keeping with the Microsoftian custom of one bad OS release followed by a great one.

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