Oculus Quest 2: Essential Tips to Start and Have a Blast

Oculus Quest 2: Essential Tips to Start and Have a Blast

9 Tips to Beginning and Having a Blast with Oculus Quest 2

The Oculus Mission 2 is upon us and is among the most remarkable VR alternatives to date. A completely cordless experience, the Mission 2 needs no console or PC to run. It is an exceptionally liberating experience and one I can not wait to dive into even more, but I’ve also been lucky enough to use VR prior to. Virtual Truth is impossible to explain, and the videos we see don’t do it justice for how interesting and truly real it ends up being. If the Oculus Mission 2 is on your radar– which it really should be– it might appear more than a little complicated. I’m here to assist you get adjusted to this whole new world and offer up 9 tips on how to start and have a great time with your Oculus Quest 2

1. Change Those Head Straps

You’re going to be looking around inside VR so the last thing you desire is that glossy brand-new Quest 2 to fall off your face and struck the ground. The headset has 2 straps: the primary band which wraps around your head and a secondary one that runs over the top. Loosen the top strap first and focus on getting it comfy and snug around your head. The horizontal strap needs to sit just above your ears with the plastic-adjusting clips in the middle of the back of your head. The clips will move to adjust the tension and get that perfect fit. It’s important to make this change initially because if you begin with the top strap it may not sit safely on your head while making you believe it’s nice and tight. As soon as the side strap remains in location, the leading one pulls through the front of the mask and sits neatly in place with Velcro. As soon as you’ve discovered your ideal setting you shouldn’t require to change it once again unless another person uses the Mission 2, in which case they need to follow this very same action.

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2. Finding that Sugary Food Area (With Your IPD)

Adjusting the straps to fit conveniently is very important, however not all faces are the very same! If the image seems to be a bit blurry it could be due to the IPD or Interpupillary Distance setting. This is the range in millimeters in between your students when facing forward. The Mission 2 comes with 3 settings: 58, 63, and 68 mm. You’ll wish to take the headset off and change this setting by moving the lens left or right and seeing which works best for you. In between the lenses will show a number so you know which setting is ideal for your eyes (Do not hesitate to get a ruler and a buddy to discover your accurate IPD setting). You might also need to slide the gadget itself up or down a couple of mm to get that ideal clearness. This may require some small tweaks to those straps however this fine-tuning is going to get you the absolute finest experience with your VR.

3. Eyes up, Guardian Boundary

Safety is of the utmost importance in VR, and the Oculus Quest 2 functions two really fantastic Guardian Limit settings as well as Passthrough . As you go through the steps of setting up the Oculus Mission 2 for the very first time you’ll be walked through the boundary settings.

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4. How the Heck Does This Work?

Any great console comes with a tech-demo to show off what it can do, and the Oculus Quest 2 is no various. Contact takes these mechanics and upscales the resolution and detail, showing off how stunning the textures of the Quest 2 can be. Elixir runs exclusively on hand motions tracked by the Mission 2’s video cameras.


I can not stress this one enough. The Quest 2 has a battery life of 2-3 hours which is a true blessing in camouflage as you can’t play for too long without needing a charge.

6. Take a look at the Demos

As soon as you have actually got the hang of the previous demonstrations it’s time to dive in and see what other options are available. Oculus Mission 2 includes a large range of available complimentary demonstrations consisting of Superhot, Beat Saber, Space Pirate Trainer, and Journey of the Gods to name a few. Load up on demos and see what your Mission 2 needs to provide. My three personal favorite demonstrations are Bogo, Space Pirate Trainer, and Journey of the Gods. Bogo is a virtual animal simulator where you pet, feed and have fun with a big dinosaur-like creature. Area Pirate Fitness instructor is a stationary 360 shooter with some unbelievable details, and Journey of the Gods is a simple yet colorful and compelling fantasy experience comparable to the Legend of Zelda series. Games on the Mission 2 are surprisingly economical– especially compared to modern video gaming costs– however if you aren’t all set to buy, these complimentary demos will provide you a lot of replayability while helping you no in on the type of video games you want to play.

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7. I Like the Way you Move

Movement illness and nausea are at the forefront of issues when getting into VR gaming. I personally choose the smooth locomotion of traditional video gaming, however particular games still manage to get to me and make me feel anxious.

8. There’s an App for That

The Oculus Mission 2 not only has a store available from within the headset, but you’ll likewise desire the Oculus app when you set up the headset for the first time. This not only notifies you of updates, sales, and new content, but it lets you access the store without having to boot up the unit itself. Want to browse your library? Purchase a video game that’s been on your mind? Not only do you get easy access to the full library of video games and features, you can also use the app to access the Oculus Go and Oculus Rift shops. Why would you desire access to those? With the Oculus Link cable television or other authorized connection, you can plug the Mission 2 into your PC and utilize it to play video games from the Rift shop or even Steam VR.

9. Please, Take Care of Yourself!

Taking routine breaks is essential, however you need to do more than simply having a breather. VR is going to be demanding on you so just like a fresh set of batteries in a controller, you want to be at full capability to get the most out of your playtime.

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If you follow these steps you’ll come out the opposite an outright master at VR. The world will literally be in your hands, regardless of which world that is. This list is to ensure you are comfy, safe, and having a good time with that remarkable brand-new device strapped to your face and I hope you have as much enjoyable with it as I have with mine. Make sure to keep an eye out for our extensive look at the Oculus Mission 2 coming quickly.

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