Matt Rhule decreases comment on Cam Newton’s status

Carolina Panthers brand-new head coach Matt Rhule is billed as a home builder, incentive and innovator coming out of Baylor.

The primary step in constructing any NFL program is the quarterback.

Throughout his introductory press conference Wednesday, Rhule was inquired about the concern on the mind of every Panthers fan: What is the plan with Cam Newton?

” I probably have not had an opportunity with regards to really any gamer to get to speak to Marty [Hurney] and Mr. Tepper in regards to long-lasting vision, so I would never ever want to speak up of school or uneducatedly,” Rhule responded. “What I will say is this: I had an opportunity to talk to Camera the other day, and I have the utmost regard for him and what he’s done, and I enjoy the way he spoke to me, to be rather truthful. He didn’t wish to talk about the past. He wanted to speak about the future. Other than that, I would much rather talk to those guys and kind of get a feel for not just Web cam however all those gamers on the lineup and truly have an excellent procedure moving forward for the entire lineup.”

The concern about Newton’s future in Carolina has swirled for months.

At this early stage, Rhule wasn’t happy to dig into any scenario at the quarterback position.

Rhule later informed NFL Network’s Tiffany Blackmon he prepares to dig into the QB position in brief order.

” At the end of the day I know this: I know you need to win with a quarterback,” Rhule said. “And I know Webcam’s done a lot of winning therefore I eagerly anticipate dealing with him however at the very same time I’ll speak to our ownership and GM and sort of truly establish all the people in the locker room– him, Kyle Allen and Will Grier as well.”

Newton wasn’t the only player Rhule declined to discuss. The novice NFL head coach stated he’s waiting to put together his personnel and assess the entire lineup prior to raking forward in2020


“I can’t talk in fantastic, great depth (about the lineup),” Rhule said. … My next steps are to truly begin to get to understand the guys, start to view the tape, and then hire a staff.

If his introductory interview is any indication, Rhule is a master incentive who will have every Panthers player who is on the roster all set to go through a wall for him in his first season.

” Keep Pounding is not simply a slogan. It’s a lifestyle,” Rhule stated absolutely.

Other notes from Rhule’s very first press conference as the Panthers‘ coach:

Similar to his reaction to players, Rhule was incredibly elusive about plans to round out the training staff.

“I’ll have a diverse personnel and a mixed staff,” he stated. “I have I think one of the best staffs in football at Baylor. A lot of my men I’ve gotten to Baylor from the NFL, so a lot of men have NFL experience. … There’s a lot of guys that I know that are interested in coming here, and there’s a lot of people that are really excited about this company, and they’re actually excited about what Mr. Tepper and Marty have actually already started and so I’m getting calls from guys that say, ‘Hey I wish to belong of that.’ I believe what you see here is positioning, you see an owner, a general supervisor and a head coach that aren’t requiring themselves to do things, they see things the same method. And people understand that that’s how you win in this league. When everyone’s on the very same page, you’re gon na be successful. I’ll probably get here and beginning dealing with Marty today or tomorrow, whenever, and begin working on getting some people here. The something I have actually found out and the guidance I have actually received from so many people in this league is ‘Don’t rush, get the ideal people’ and so that’s what we’re doing.”

Tepper placed a focus throughout his search on coaches who would accept analytics, and Rhule addressed his philosophy as it refers to sports science.

” The worlds of sports science, the worlds of analytics are things that I’m interested in and, as we talked, we had simply a typical interest in those things. I think when you’re in college football things individuals do not recognize is that we do not get to draft anyone and I do not get to provide someone a finalizing bonus offer.

Rhule was asked if he wants to have a veteran NFL presence on his training personnel.

” Not truly in terms of, like, planners and things like that ’cause I think the league has actually seen there’s been fantastic organizers who are 60, there’s been terrific coordinators who are 28 so it’s not really that. That’s really what this game’s about, it’s about getting gamers to play their best and the best way to do that is to have guys who’ll bring out the best in their players.

Lastly, for everyone on #SmockWatch, it doesn’t appear Rhule’s signature look will be pertaining to Carolina.

” That [will stay at ] Baylor,” Rhule informed Blackmon. “I place on a good pullover today and it felt actually great. It covered all my whatever, it was black and I felt actually in the house.”

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