A Pathway is a Wall: Street Art Job Highlights Absence of Ease Of Access

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We include a lot of different shapes, sizes and abilities, yet the world is constructed as if there’s a “standard human” whose gain access to and convenience takes precedent over everyone else. If you’re close sufficient to that synthetic standard, you might not discover all of the methods which people can be left out.

A project called “ A Pathway is a Wall” aims to call attention to one significant barrier to ease of access: an absence of walkway ramps, particularly in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, where they can be incredibly uncommon. Organized by Brazil-based youth disability justice movement NGO Movimento SuperAção, the task welcomes artists to discover a sidewalk without an access ramp and decorate it.

Availability should be an essential part of any design that’s indicated to serve individuals. Collectively, we have a long way to go to make this take place, but even little steps build up.

For a wheelchair user, a pathway without a gain access to ramp is a wall. And, according to the most recent census, just 9%of pathways in São Paulo have gain access to ramps. To draw attention to this lack of availability, we invited artists to do what they do best to the city’s walls to do their art on walls that only wheelchair users are mindful of.”

” This is how A WALKWAY IS A WALL happened, a task by NGO Movimento SuperAção that handled the responsibility of raising society’s awareness about the importance of consisting of people with impairments. Not only since of the basic human rights principle, however also because of the apparent and fundamental advantages of existing side-by-side with distinctions.”

You can find out more about the movement at Facebook.com/ movimentosuperacao or by following the task on Instagram @ calcadaemuro

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