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DÉCIDEURS- Les nominations du jour.

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Jean Gazançon Generali L’ancien directeur des opérations d’Axa Partners devient CEO du nouveau programme Arte Generali, créé pour assurer des collectionneurs d’art du monde entier dans le cadre de la …

Jean Gazançon


L’ancien directeur des opérations d’Axa Partners devient CEO du nouveau programme Arte Generali, créé pour

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DÉCIDEURS- Les nominations du jour.

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Hornbach erhöht seine Gewinnprognose

Hornbach erhöht seine Gewinnprognose thumbnail

Trotz möglicher Witterungsschwankungen sowie gesamtwirtschaftlicher Risiken im vierten Quartal erwartet Hornbach einen Anstieg des Betriebsgewinns.

Im dritten Quartal stiegen Gewinn und Umsatz an. Quelle: dpa

Baumarkt Hornbach

Im dritten Quartal stiegen Gewinn und Umsatz an.

( Foto: dpa).


Berlin Der Baumarktkonzern Hornbach erhöht nach einem Gewinn- und Umsatzanstieg im dritten Quartal seine Ertragsprognose.

Pass away Hornbach-Gruppe geht davon aus, dass das bereinigte Ebit im unteren bis mittleren zweistelligen Prozentbereich (zuvor: „ um mehr als 20 Prozent”) wachsen wird.

Der Handelsblatt Expertencall

  • rtr

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A Pathway is a Wall: Street Art Job Highlights Absence of Ease Of Access

A Pathway is a Wall: Street Art Job Highlights Absence of Ease Of Access thumbnail

We include a lot of different shapes, sizes and abilities, yet the world is constructed as if there’s a “standard human” whose gain access to and convenience takes precedent over everyone else. If you’re close sufficient to that synthetic standard, you might not discover all of the methods which people can be left out.

A project called “ A Pathway is a Wall” aims to call attention to one significant barrier to ease of access: an absence of walkway ramps, particularly in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, where they can be incredibly uncommon. Organized by Brazil-based youth disability justice movement NGO Movimento SuperAção, the task welcomes artists to discover a sidewalk without an access ramp and decorate it.

Availability should be an essential part of any design that’s indicated to serve individuals. Collectively, we have a long way to go to make this take place, but even little steps build up.

For a wheelchair user, a pathway without a gain access to ramp is a wall. And, according to the most recent census, just 9%of pathways in São Paulo have gain access to ramps. To draw attention to this lack of availability, we invited artists to do what they do best to the city’s walls to do their art on walls that only wheelchair users are mindful of.”

” This is how A WALKWAY IS A WALL happened, a task by NGO Movimento SuperAção that handled the responsibility of raising society’s awareness about the importance of consisting of people with impairments. Not only since of the basic human rights principle, however also because of the apparent and fundamental advantages of existing side-by-side with distinctions.”

You can find out more about the movement at Facebook.com/ movimentosuperacao or by following the task on Instagram @ calcadaemuro

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Boris Johnson’s phone stunt backs deceitful, cold-hearted credibility

Boris Johnson has actually won appreciation from political savants for his message discipline, turning every question into an opportunity to duplicate his talking points about getting Brexit done and the requirement to keep Jeremy Corbyn out of Downing Street.

But in Grimsby on Monday, that singularity of function led him into his worst bad move of the project when he refused to look at a picture of four-year-old Jack Williment-Barr, who was believed to have pneumonia, resting on a pile of coats on the flooring at Leeds General Healthcare Facility since all the beds were complete.

The prime minister’s remarkable action in swiping ITV reporter Joe Pike’s phone rather than look at the picture made him appear deceitful and cold-hearted, qualities numerous British citizens already relate to him. The Conservatives’ ham-fisted attempt to distract from the mess by instruction incorrectly that a Labour activist punched an aide to health secretary Matt Hancock, just served to make matters worse.

The event has actually muted Johnson’s closing message on Brexit targeted at Labour Leave citizens and turned the spotlight onto his two biggest weak points– the Conservative record on public services and his own character.

Johnson’s method has actually been to clutch his survey lead like a Ming vase, attempting to prevent errors and to bring it safely to the other side of the election.

Johnson’s most impressive achievement during the project has actually been to prevent any association with his celebration’s record in office over the past 9 years. He has represented his administration as completely brand-new, with no responsibility for the actions of the federal government in which he functioned as foreign secretary.

He was not an MP throughout the union years from 2010 but returned to parliament in 2015, voting with the government on every budget plan that preserved the policy of austerity. On Monday, he was faced with the repercussions of that policy and citizens saw him attempting shamelessly to avert his duty for them.

The spectacle in Grimsby likewise advised voters that behind Johnson’s bumbling roguishness lies an icy determination to prosper that is indifferent to the effects for others or any obligation to inform the reality.

The majority of polls recommend that the Conservatives are drifting towards victory on Thursday but the margins in lots of constituencies are tight and there are more undecided citizens than ever in the past at this stage of a general election project.

Johnson’s method has actually been to clutch his poll lead like a Ming vase, trying to prevent errors and to carry it safely to the other side of the election. Another stumble like Monday’s might be deadly, leaving the prime minister’s dream of splendor shattered in a thousand pieces of vanity, mendacity and callousness.

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These Are the very best Artworks Releasing This Week

These Are the very best Artworks Releasing This Week thumbnail

Every week we highlight the best art releases weekly by notable artists, galleries, museums and contemporary art platforms across the globe. Listed items generally include restricted edition art work, prints, collectible figures, collaborative merchandise and more.

For this week’s installment: Futura partner with COMMUNITY on a collective ‘FL-001’ incense chamber, Cleon Peterson and Modernica come together for a limited edition furnishings series, Avant Arte taps Vhils for two sculpture editions, Print Them All signs up with forces with Cryptik to launch ‘The Divine Letter’ lithographs, and Taschen releases tarot cards created by Salvador Dalí.

View the complete list listed below.

Futura x COMMUNITY ‘Fl-001’ Incense Chamber

best artworks hypebeast futura neighborhood cleon peterson modernica avant arte vhils cryptik print them all artworks editions collectibles prints lithographs


Release Date: November 16 exclusively on AREA’s site and the brand’s Tokyo store

Release Price: TBD

To commemorate his upcoming “ GENERATION Z” exhibition at The Mass gallery in Tokyo, Futura debuts a super-limited ‘FL-001’ incense chamber made in collaboration with NEIGHBORHOOD. Sized at 315 x 110 mm, the ceramic sculpture draws motivation from the legendary graffiti artist’s signature ‘Pointman’ character in a blue porcelain finish. The sculptural edition is limited to 100 units. Each work is numbered with a correlating micro military canine tag locket and will be available on November 16.


4 Chome − 32 − 7 1F

Jingumae, Shibuya City

Tokyo 150 -0001


Cleon Peterson x Modernica Furnishings Collaboration

best artworks hypebeast futura neighborhood cleon peterson modernica avant arte vhils cryptik print them all artworks editions collectibles prints lithographs


Release Date: Offered to buy on Modernica’s website

Release Cost: Varying from $875 to $8,500 USD

Acclaimed visual artist Cleon Peterson partnered with Modernica on series of limited edition furnishings. The artist’s black and white ‘Land of Shadows’ art work covers the LA-based brand’s modular daybed and renowned Fiberglass Shell Chair. The Daybed and Sectional pieces are restricted to a quantity of 50, while the Rocker chair is limited to 100 pieces.

Vhils x Avant Arte ‘Vista’ Sculpture Editions

best artworks hypebeast futura neighborhood cleon peterson modernica avant arte vhils cryptik print them all artworks editions collectibles prints lithographs

Avant Arte

Release Date: Available to preorder on Avant Arte’s site

Release Rate: $ 6,00896 USD each

Avant Arte signed up with forces with artist Alexandre Farto aka Vhils on two special sculpture editions. The three-dimensional pieces titled ‘Vista Series # 2’ and ‘Vista Series # 3’ depict abstract, relief pictures of nameless human topics. The very first work is sized at 27 cm x 23 cm x 5.6 cm while the second variant steps 27 cm x 23 cm x 6cm. Each signed and numbered edition comes in a wood frame and restricted to 20 systems each. Both works were crafted utilizing 3D nylon SLS print.

Cryptik x Print Them All ‘The Divine Letter’ Lithographs

best artworks hypebeast futura neighborhood cleon peterson modernica avant arte vhils cryptik print them all artworks editions collectibles prints lithographs

Print Them All

Release Date: Offered on Print Them All’s website at 12 p.m. EST on November 14

Launch Rate: $725 USD each

Commemorated calligraphist Cryptik teamed up with Print Them All for his biggest print to date, titled ‘The Divine Letter.’ For his newest work, Cryptik was motivated by the great Sufi mystic and poet, Rumi. The lithograph stimulates the timelessness, secret, and spiritual mentors of the Sufi master. Readily available in four color variations, Cryptik’s brand-new series of lithographs present the sacredness of Rumi’s words and the “long-forgotten knowledge of our forefathers,” according to a declaration.

Salvador Dalí-designed Tarot Cards from Taschen

best artworks hypebeast futura neighborhood cleon peterson modernica avant arte vhils cryptik print them all artworks editions collectibles prints lithographs


Release Date: Offered to preorder on the Taschen’s site

Release Cost: $60 USD

Leading book publisher Taschen just launched a deck of tarot cards developed by the famous Spanish surrealist, Salvador Dalî. The artist was at first commissioned by the late American movie manufacturer, Albert R. Broccoli, to create initial artwork for a set of cards for the 1973 James Bond film, ‘Live and Let Pass Away.’ The tarot card set encompasses 78 cards that draw inspiration from Western masterworks (classical to contemporary) along with Dalí’s surrealist concepts.

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OM: un partenariat avec l’académie Diambars du Sénégal – Foot – L1 – OM

OM: un partenariat avec l'académie Diambars du Sénégal - Foot - L1 - OM thumbnail

L’Olympique de Marseille et l’institut Diambars du Sénégal sont liés pour les trois prochaines années. Le club phocéen l’ a annoncé ce dimanche through un communiqué paru sur kid site interne. L’Institut Diambars est une prestigieuse école de football du continent africain. ” Je pense que [cet accord] durera bien plus que trois ans “, a ajouté le président de l’OM, Jacques-Henri Eyraud.

Outre des échanges d’éducateurs et de méthodes entre le club de Ligue 1 et le centre de development sénégalais, le contrat prévoit ” une alternative prioritaire sur deux joueurs des Diambars “ chaque saison, a précisé le président du centre de development sénégalais, Saer Seck. ” C’est une priorité ouverte, mais Jacques-Henri sait que si l’OM en voulait trois ou quatre, on serait autour de la table pour trouver une option “, a ajouté M. Seck, également président de la Ligue sénégalaise (LSFP).

Nés en 2003 de la volonté de l’ex-footballeur Jimmy Adjovi-Boco, présent au stade Vélodrome dimanche, où se joue OM-Bordeaux, les Diambars accueillent gratuitement 120 pensionnaires de 12 à 19 ans. L’Institut a également une équipe professionnelle, le FC Diambars, champ du Sénégal en2013 Son plus beau fleuron est le milieu du Paris SG Idrissa Gana Gueye, ” qui malheureusement ne porte pas le maillot de l’OM “, a plaisanté M. Seck.

publié le 8 décembre 2019 à 21 h47

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Si buscas el wallpaper perfecto echa un vistazo a la increíble galería de ilustraciones de Simon Stålenhag

Si buscas el wallpaper perfecto echa un vistazo a la increíble galería de ilustraciones de Simon Stålenhag thumbnail

En la sección del wallpaper perfecto a veces recomendamos la galería de un solo artista porque estos han decidido ofrecer sus trabajos en la web en resoluciones lo suficientemente altas para que las puedas apreciar desde tu ordenador, y si te gustan mucho, usarlas de fondo de pantalla

Ya antes hemos recomendado ejemplos similares de esto con la fotografía de Fiftyfootshadow o las ilustraciones de J3Concepts, y esta vez quiero compartir con ustedes la galería artística de Simon Stålenhag, un autor e ilustrador sueco con un estilo bastante interesante.

Si te gusta el sci-fi, probablemente te gusten estas ilustraciones

Simon 3 Simon Stålenhag

Simon es el autor de tres libros de ciencia ficción cargados de ilustraciones creadas por él mismo. Los universos de las historias están llenos de criaturas extrañas, robots y paisajes postapocalipticos que seguro más de uno sabrá apreciar.

En su web individual, el artista sube mucho del arte que aparece en sus libros. Imágenes en alta resolución que varían entre 1920 x1920 y 2560 x1280 principalmente, más que suficiente para la mayoría de pantallas HD ahí afuera.

Simon 2 Simon Stålenhag

Si bien no hay un índice ni forma alguna de navegar más que haciendo scroll hasta que te canses, si aprecias este tipo de ilustraciones, probablemente la vas a pasar bien y te vas a bajar algunas a tu ordenador para usarlas de wallpaper

Y, si te gustan mucho, siempre puedes apoyar al artista comprando impresiones, siguiéndolo en Instagram donde publica fotos trick un estilo muy similar al de sus ilustraciones, o simplemente comprando uno de sus libros si te dan curiosidad.

Simon Simon Stålenhag

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Dette var hans viktigste seier

Dette var hans viktigste seier thumbnail

Det har gått såpass lang tid siden Manchester United vant kamper regelmessig, at mange har tvilt på om de gode tidene noen gang vil vende tilbake under Ole Gunnar Solskjær.

For en uke siden spurte britisk presse om nordmannen var riktig mann for klubben.

Det var logisk. Så mye har United slitt denne sesongen, at de eventyrlige første tre månedene under Solskjær har virket som en luftspeiling. De vant 14 av hans første 17 kamper, inkludert borteseire mot Tottenham, Arsenal, Chelsea og Paris Saint-Germain.

Hvordan United klarte akkurat det, har siden virket som et mysterium. At de kom til å ta slike seire igjen under Solskjær, virket tvilsomt.

Guy i dag slo United altså Manchester City 2-1 på Etihad Stadiu m.

Kontret City i senk

Timingen kunne ikke vært bedre for Solskjær, som nå har tatt skalpen på José Mourinho og Pep Guardiola i løpet av fem dager.

Det finnes åpenbart grenser for hvor mye en slik trepoenger betyr rent spillemessig. United ble presset hardt tilbake over lange perioder. City hadde dobbelt så mange skudd. De lyseblå kunne fint tatt seieren mot slutten.

Likevel: Hadde United virkelig vært i en blindvei under Solskjær, og hadde spillerne mistet troen på prosjektet, hadde en seier som denne ikke vært mulig.

Spesielt før time out viste United et spill som sto i stil medication det beste de leverte i løpet av Solskjærs eventyrlige første måneder, da alt han rørte så ut til å bli til gull. De hadde flaks. Guys de forsvarte seg også heroisk. De kontret City i senk.

Marcus Rashford kunne hatt et hattrick etter en halvtime.

At United deretter sloss med ryggen mot veggen, var ikke helt overraskende i en situasjon hvor de ledet 2-0 mot de engelske seriemesterne. Før i dag hadde City tapt én av sine siste 28 hjemmekamper.

Heldigvis for Solskjær er United også gode til slikt. Han har gjort dem til et strålende kontringslag.

Som mot PSG

Dette har vært åpenbart hele denne sesongen, fordi United har tatt fire av sine seks ligaseire mot topplag som Chelsea, Leicester, Spurs og nå City.

Det som var mer usikkert før i dag, var om United kunne slå slike lag på bortebane.

Triumfene mot Chelsea, Leicester og Spurs var alle hjemme på Old Trafford.

I stedet sto de fjellstøtt, og på mange måter minnet seieren om 3-1-triumfen borte mot PSG i mars, da United mot alle chances gikk videre i mesterligaen. Også da lå de dypt mot en langt sterkere motstander, før Rashford scoret et straffe som hjalp dem til å vinne.

Den gangen hadde imidlertid Solskjær medvind. Dagens seier kommer i en periode hvor Solskjær er under press, hvor klubben forventer en plass blant de fire beste, og hvor de overbevisende seierne har vært sjeldne.

Bare det at United demonstrerer at de fortsatt har evnen til å spille som de gjorde i dag, bør oppmuntre Solskjær.

Og at de viser det akkurat nå, før det tette juleprogrammet, må være ekstra gledelig.

Den store utfordringen

Betyr dette at United har fikset alle sine problemer? På ingen måte.

Utfordringen for Solskjær er fortsatt å gjenskape disse prestasjonene mot lag som spiller mer defensivt. De som legger seg lavt og nekter hurtigtog som Rashford, Anthony Martial og Daniel James rom til å kontre.

Den gode nyheten for Solskjær er at laget generelt ser ut til å bli bedre. Siden Martial gjorde sin første ligastart, borte mot Norwich, etter skaden som holdt ham ute i to måneder, har de scoret 15 mål på syv ligakamper.

Martials inntreden på topp har gjort at Rashford kan spille på venstre kant, hvor han har virket ustoppelig de siste ukene.

Midtbanen ser langt sterkere ut nå som Scott McTominay har kommet tilbake.

Presset vil lette

United er tilbake i kampen om en plass blant de fire beste nå. Chelseas to tap på tre runder gjør at avstanden opp dit er fem poeng.

Man kan fortsatt spørre seg om United generelt sett leverer gode nok resultater, siden de har mistet poeng mot så mange svakere lag denne sesongen. Guys de spørsmålene vil nok legges bort inntil neste gang United snubler.

For denne seieren letter presset på Solskjær. Etter en periode hvor mange har tvilt på laget, har United vist hvor gode de kan være.

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Zoom shares slide as growth slows

Zoom shares slide as growth slows thumbnail

Zoom CEO Eric Yuan speaks at the Dropbox Work In Progress Conference in San Francisco on September 25, 2019.

Matt Winkelmeyer | Getty Images for Dropbox

Shares of video conference software company Zoom initially rose but then fell as much as 11% after the company issued fiscal third-quarter earnings that surpassed estimates on Thursday, revealing slowing growth.

Here are the key numbers:

  • Earnings: Excluding certain items, 9 cents per share, vs. 3 cents per share as expected by analysts, according to Refinitiv.
  • Revenue: $166.6 million, vs. $154.9 million as expected by analysts, according to Refinitiv.

Zoom’s revenue increased 85% on an annualized basis in the third quarter of the company’s 2020 fiscal year, which ended on October 31, according to a statement. Last quarter, revenue growth was 96% from the previous year, falling below 100% for the first time in at least one year.

Zoom said it had 74,100 customers with over 10 employees at the end of the quarter, up 67% year over year. The growth rate in the prior quarter was 78%.

The company had 546 customers that were contributing over $100,000 in revenue over the trailing 12 months at the end of the quarter, up 97%. The percentage is down from 104% one quarter ago.

Zoom competes with Avaya, Cisco and Microsoft, among others. In the quarter Zoom announced new appliances from companies like Poly that work with its Zoom Rooms product for conference rooms and said RingCentral executive Ryan Azus had joined Zoom as chief revenue officer.

The company’s fiscal fourth-quarter forecast calls for 7 cents in earnings per share, excluding certain items, on $175 million to $176 million in revenue. Analysts polled by Refinitiv had expected 4 cents in fourth-quarter earnings per share, excluding certain items, on $165.2 million in revenue for the quarter.

For the 2020 fiscal year Zoom sees 27 cents in earnings per share, excluding certain items, and $609 million to $610 million in revenue. The consensus estimates from analysts polled by Refinitiv were 19 cents per share, excluding certain items, and revenue of $588.7 million.

Guggenheim Partners analysts Nandan Zoom and Sameer Kalucha initiated coverage of Zoom with a buy rating two weeks ago. “Zoom’s unique business model is a combination of low initial price and very rapid adoption, which makes for a very profitable financial model in the long run,” they wrote.

Before the after-hours move, Zoom stock was up about 12% from the $62 closing price on its April 18 trading debut.

Executives will discuss Zoom’s results on a conference call at 5: 30 p.m. Eastern time.

This is breaking news. Please check back for updates.

WATCH: Cloud software stocks falling, here’s what investors should expect

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